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How to develop-A Sustainable Energy Action Plan Physical and Chemical Exposure Unit Contemporary Economic Evaluation-A Concise Discussion-Institute for the Protection and Security of the 2006 EU budget 2008-Financial Report General budget of the European Union for the financial year 2009-The figures
European Union-Public Finance 4th EU budget 2010-Paving the Way for Economic Recovery Eurostat regional yearbook 2010 Taxation trends in the European Union- Main results-2010 External and intra-European Union Trade 2002-2007 2009
Using official statistics to calculate greenhouse gas emissions-A Statistical Guide Europe’s Energy Position-Markets and Supply High Speed Europe-A Sustanable Link Between Citizens Panorama Inforegio-Europe 2020-Competitiveness, Cooperation and Cohesion for All Regions-Oct 2010 The European Union-Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region-Background and Analysis
EEA SIGNALS 2010-Biodiversity, Climate Change and You COST Action E51-Policy Integration and Coordonation-The Case of Innovation and the Forest Sector in the Europe Gestionarea etapei de dezvoltare si validare a programului GALILEO-Raport special nr. 7-2009 Scaling up ecosystem benefits-A contribution to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity TEEB Study no 4 2010 The State of the Drugs Problem in Europe
A Sustainable Future in Our Hands-A Guide to the EU ’ Sustainable Development Strategy Agriculture in the EU-Statistical and Economic Information Report 2009 Bulletin of the European Union 5 nov 2009 Bulletin of the European Union 11 nov 2008 China's Foreign Policy Debates-September 2010
Combri-Valorisation of Knowledge for Competitive Steel and Composite Bridge-Final Report 2010 Cunoasterea mediului marin 2020-Date si observatii privind mediul marin pentru o crestere inteligenta si durabila Development of a New Generation of Coal-Derived Environmentally-Friendly Pitches-Final Report 2010 Dimensions of Property under European Law-Fundamental Rights, Consumer, Protection and Intellectual Property-Bridging Concepts 2010 Environmental Statistics and Accounts in Europe 2010
Environmental Trends and Perspectives in the Western-Future Production and Consumption Patterns-Report 1-2010 European Red List of Saproxylic Beetles EU Report on Human Rights 2008 European Soil -A Global Perspective European Coexistance Bureau-Best Practice Documents for Coexistance of Genetically Modified Crops with Conventional and Organic Farming-Maize Crop Production 2010
European Energy and Transport-Trends to 2030-Update 2007 Facts Sheets on the European Union 2009 Facts Sheets on the European Union by European Parliament Flowis-Measurement, Prediction and Control of Steel Flows in the Casting Nozzle and Mould-Final Report 2010 Global Agriculture Monitoring
Human-Induced Vibration of Steel Structures IMPECABL-Improving Environmental Control and Battery Life Through Integrated Monotoring Systems Innovative Stainless Steel Applications in Transport Vehicles Jurnalul Oficial al Uniunii Europene-Informari provenind de la institutiile, organele si organismele Uniunii Europene C 177 An 53 iulie 2010 Jurnalul Oficial al Uniunii Europene-Versiune consolidata a Tratatului de instituire a Comunitatii Europene a Energiei Atomice C 84 An 53 martie 2010
Madrid-A European Capital Embracing Integration Maritime Spatial Planning for the EU's Seas and Oceans-What's it all about Money Laudering in Europe-Report of Work Carried Out by Eurostat and DG Home Affairs-2010 Nuclear Weapons after the 2010 NPT Review Conference April 2010 Official Journal of the European Communitty Legislation in Force and other Acts of the Community Institutions - vol 1- Analitycal Register
Plan and Manage a Science Park in the Mediterranean-Guidebook for Decision Makers Socio-Economic Studies in the Field of the Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU-Marine Data Infrastructure Executive Summary The Evolving Role of EU Seaports in Global Maritime Logistics-Study 2009 Versiune consolidata a tratatelor-Carta drepturilor fundamentale-Martie 2010  


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